Hangzhou LongDe medical products limited company was founded in July 1989, with three class 6815 needle injection devices disposable sterile syringes, sterile, disposable insulin syringes, second-class 6815 needle injection devices dispensing syringes for single use of nearly 30 years of manufacturing experience and stability of the management team;Current products enjoy a good reputation in the domestic market and in export of safety syringes, syringes for oral bowel OEM demonstrated good manufacturing capabilities and quality assurance capability!


Company advantages

Company currently has 100,000 grade clean purification workshop more than 8,000 more than party, has injection machine, and screen press, and Assembly machine, and packaging machine, various manufacturing equipment 200 Taiwan sets, has gas phase color spectrum instrument, various detection equipment more than 30 more Taiwan sets, has million level purification bacteria check room, and chemical performance, and physical performance laboratory, and has microbial laboratory, and purification water making workshop, and we willing to to we of advantage and from all walks of life investment cooperation party chat cooperation matters.